I find Jeff Caldwell’s article on page two of section one pretty interesting on the amount of money lined up on Wall Street to invest in farmland. I believe it and think that $10 billion is a drop in the bucket for Wall Street. I have been told Wall Street money managers run in the same circles and invest in “herds.” If that is true I would think the ones who didn’t invest the first go around are waiting to invest when they see a second chance opportunity, and the ones who did invest then will add to their holdings. I am not saying this is good or bad for Wall Street money to own farmland, just saying I believe Wall Street could easily invest that much more money in farmland. What’s not in the article that I believe will also happen at the same time is those conservative farmers/farm families that have expanded tremendously via renting farmland will jump off the sidelines at about the same time, at least in many areas of the Midwest, for the right parcels. I guess time will tell.