The sky is falling, the sky is falling. We all heard the story of Chicken Little. A recent report by Iowa State reported that farmland values are falling, down 8.9% from one year ago. Just what many were waiting to hear to be able to say I told you so. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, but the values reported in the Land Sales Bulletin statewide average value for the short term perspective (basically values by quarter as reported on page 9 of section one) are down 7.9% for all sales combined from the beginning of 2014 and ranges by class from down 0.6% to down 14.8%. Keep in mind our 4th quarter data is not complete and won’t be until the April 2015 issue as we receive sales results, but still this is an indication. With that said, why then am I receiving reports to the contrary in recent auctions in Illinois? The calls I have received were auction results that brought prices in the teens. If you care to, drop me a line with some recent sales in your area, it would be much appreciated

Recently a long time subscriber sent me the April 1996 issue of the ILSB. For a land geek like myself I found it very interesting. It makes me wish I had bought more land in the early to mid-nineties. I have included the first page of the issue on page 2 of section one. Thank you Bill!

Finally, on a more important note, all of us here at the Land Sales Bulletin want to THANK each one of our SUBSCRIBERS and SUPPLIERS for their patronage this past year as we have enjoyed serving you. May GOD BLESS YOU in 2015 by bringing you peace, joy and prosperity!