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Published bi-monthly, the data we use is obtained from Sales Disclosure Forms which are filed at county courthouses.  Indiana is reporting up to 92 counties at this time.  



The bulletin is separated into 3 sections:

 Section 1 - Report detail gives specific data for individual land sales.  The introduction includes statistics for the current issue and farmland values.  Also included are articles pertinent to farmland.

 Section 2 - Report detail gives specific data for individual land sales.

County Date of Sale Township Document # Legal
Acres Total Price Price/Acre Buyer Seller
Assessed Value of Land Assessed Value of Improvements Comments    

 Section 3 - Parcel Identification Numbers (pin numbers*) are a useful reference when contacting the courthouse for information regarding specific sales. This section lists the pin numbers for each document number.

*The pin number reports everything the county assessor knows about the property as listed on the property card such as acres (total, tillable, pasture, etc.) and building information (year built, size, etc.).



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